I have observed the following issues with the #NewTwitter.  I am using
Win XP-Pro and IE8 for these observations.  My monitor is 1280 wide.

1. New account creation - receive message and view in Gmail - click on
confirmation link and new tab opens showing new account home page.
There is no positive indication that the email has been confirmed.
20% of the time (2 out of 10 tests) an orange banner is shown asking
me to confirm my email.

2. Page layout is too wide to show in browser.  My monitor is 1280
wide and I often use the browser window at less than maximum.  Under
these conditions, there is a horizontal scroll bar but the top banner
does not scroll.  Consequently, the rightmost menu is not visible.  As
a result, it is not possible to logout.  I have an image of the issue
that I will forward on request.  The image size shows the browser is
over 800 pixels wide.  It also shows plenty of room for the menu if
the top banner were narrower.  In all cases, I think the banner should
scroll horizontally with the rest of the page.

Ray Franklin

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