I am currently developing a game that incorporates facebook and
twitter.  This will be a game available on facebook as all other
facebook games are.  If you are not familiar, quick steps:

search for a game on facebook
select allow or deny tracking of data
game launches.

but before we launch you into the game, we want the users to verify
their twitter accounts, via username and password as well.  I noticed
that facebook follows this exact procedure when users decide to enable
twitter on their facebook account.
How can we incorporate this same twitter permissions app so we can
gather twitter data before launching users into the game?
Is it possible to have access to thhis permission app so we can
initialize our game launch?

We can create a generic twitter username and password prompt screen,
but we would prefer to us the twitter login as facebook does for
consistency as well as adding comfort to our users that the data is
passing specifically to twitter.

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