C'mon guys, just admit that you messed up with the source field and
correct it. It makes no sense to return html string for any value.
Just return the the object with an app name and url, maybe a unique
app ID too.

On Oct 12, 8:41 pm, "D. Smith" <emai...@sharedlog.com> wrote:
> I noticed that the value of source field looks somewhat strange:
> "source":"<a href=\"http://www.echofon.com/\"; rel=\"nofollow\">Echofon<
> \/a>",
> Why in the world would you have an html string as a value and on top
> of than why do you include the rel="nofollow" tag?
> This just looks wrong, not structured.
> The right way whould have been to represent the source as an object
> with fileds: name, url, like this:
> "source":{"name" : "Echofon", "url":"http://www.echofon.com"},
> Usually you try to pre-parse everying for us, but in the case or
> source, we have to do extra parsing to extract values of title and url
> Will you fix this soon?

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