In my application I would like to show "My Tweets, Retweeted" with the
rest of the Mentions for a user. (similar to the way they show up in
your mentions column in tweetdeck)

So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.. these tweets
don't show up via user/mentions.

I'm able to retrieve user/retweets_of_me but in the JSON response
there is no way to tell who in fact did the retweeting.

Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to solve/implement this?

(It's a rails app and I'm using the twitter gem)

Here is an example of the response I get when calling user/
retweets_of_me ... I know for a fact his particular tweet has been
retweeted twice by others

=> <#Hashie::Mash contributors=nil coordinates=nil created_at="Thu Oct
14 18:35:07 +0000 2010" favorited=false geo=nil id=27366026129
in_reply_to_screen_name=nil in_reply_to_status_id=nil
in_reply_to_user_id=nil place=nil retweet_count=0 retweeted=false
source="<a href=\"\"; rel=\"nofollow
\">Tweet Button</a>" text="Startup Profile: Mobestream Media |
 launchDFW via @launchDFW" truncated=false
user=<#Hashie::Mash contributors_enabled=false created_at="Sat Mar 15
01:26:52 +0000 2008" description=", Designer &
Developer --,,,,,,"
favourites_count=39 follow_request_sent=nil followers_count=1813
following=nil friends_count=1314 geo_enabled=true id=14150637
lang="en" listed_count=130 location="Lima, Perú" name="Bradley Joyce"
notifications=nil profile_background_color="cccccc"
profile_background_tile=true profile_image_url="
profile_link_color="a15f3b" profile_sidebar_border_color="FFFFFF"
profile_sidebar_fill_color="cccccc" profile_text_color="507e94"
profile_use_background_image=true protected=false
screen_name="bradleyjoyce" show_all_inline_media=false
statuses_count=3248 time_zone="Central Time (US & Canada)" url="http://" utc_offset=-21600 verified=false>>

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