I have be searching high and low to find out if Oauth will allow some
form of embedding the log-in info for a single account from the
iphone. I was using the basic authorization, and with the change it is
no longer working. I have a series of clients who post to an account
to discuss their process for each project. I do not want to give them
the log-in information, but I want them to have posting ability.

I would prefer to embed the log-in token and just give one of the two
authentication to them- either username or password (or neither). With
Oauth can I use other peoples accounts to post to one. main account?

I have read on the boards that everyone is skirting the issue, a
twitter does not address it. Oauth appears to be the antithesis of
this concept. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just to be clear- I have a view that has a status box with a post
button. Users with the app do not need to login (but need the app) to
post to the account.) Now when I implement the Oauth, a log-in screen
appears and request a username and password. This would give the users
access to edit the account and to post. I don't want them to be able
to edit the account, but to just post to it.

Thank you.


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