I’m looking to implement this feature on my site as I can really see
the value in it. But as you have pointed out I can also see the danger
in it. If spammers knew who had follow-back turned on they would seek
out these users and follow them, knowing they would get followed back.
They could then potentially do this at a very accelerated rate, not
hitting follow limits.

I think the only way this feature can be kept safe is if it is
completely private. Users can turn it on but neither they nor the
application should tell other others that its enabled. There should be
no way for spammers to figure this out either. I’m not sure if this
has been spelled out in the twitter rules but if it hasn’t it probably
should. Users mustn’t be allowed to put it in their bio, etc. as this
could be easily be parsed by a crawler..

Would be interested to hear how others are keeping this feature


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