Quoting Matt Harris, from an announcement he made :
> retweet_count
> represents the number of times a status has been retweeted using the Twitter 
> retweet action. This field is an integer. There will not be a value for this 
> field when the feature is turned off, or the Tweet was created before we 
> added retweet_count support.

I'm not sure whether this currently works or not, but for future
implementations, this is your best option.


On 10/17/10 1:33 PM, carlos wrote:
> Hey,
> Im lookin for a simple way to get total number of retweets of a given
> retweet. For example I wrote tweet with id 49, and text: "The best
> tweet! Please Retweet", so I want to get total number of retweets of
> tweet id=49, containing text "RT: @mynick The best tweet! Please
> Retweet".
> I'm new in Twitter API, and I searched in this group for an answer,
> but I didnt find it. Please help! Thanks

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