I have noticed an apparent bug with the REST favorites API which seems
to have just started a few days ago, I think around the 12th or 13th

I am working on an app which amongst other things archives a user's
Periodically, the app pages through older pages of favorites to see if
any tweets further back in the stream are now favorited, and to see if
any older favs have been unfavorited.

e.g. /1/favorites.xml?page=20 (as an authenticated user)

It appears that only about every other actually favorited tweet is
being returned from these requests.  This is new behaviour-- it worked
correctly last week. Because the app has the older tweets stored, it
detects those that are missing from the API response sequence.  It is
typically about 10 out of 20 missing, typically ~every other one.

However, if I check the actual 'missing' favs individually, they do
indicate that the authenticated user has favorited them.  So it
appears that Twitter still considers the missing tweets favorited by
the user, but the API is not serving them all up any more, only about
half of them.

This bug doesn't appear to manifest with 'newer' favs (e.g. the first
retrieved page seems okay).


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