Does Twitter have any plans on when/whether they'll change its current
cross-domain policy file? does not allow requests from
Flash-based websites and web apps because it restricts response to subdomains., however, does allow Flash
requests from any domain.

This policy pretty much renders all Flash calls to the API useless
(unless they're search calls).

One could use proxy scripts, but given the limitations imposed by the
Twitter API (150 calls per IP per hour), it means public websites are
out of luck if they're getting any kind of public data without
authenticating like, say, getting a (public) user timeline.

This has been discussed at length in previous threads.

Change in crossdomain.xml??

Most curiously, the above thread mentions on March 2008 that Twitter
would be moving API calls to and allowing a more
permissive crossdomain policy file there in a few months. This hasn't
happened, though, since people have continued to be dumbfounded by the
inability to load Twitter data from Flash-based web apps.

Twitter Stream crossdomain.xml

I think this decision is specially questionable as the cross-domain
restrictions in place do nothing else other than put a tax on what
people can do from Flash-based web apps, but also allow any other
usage from any other technology, be it a security issue or not. In
fact, even using PHP proxies one could make the API calls from Flash
(albeit in a restricted manner) so I can't see a real reason for
singling out/blocking this platform.

Normally, public APIs add no such artificial/ineffective restrictions,
and simply allow any kind of connection (doing their own top of their
own built-in restrictions and rate limiting)... - allows connections from
all domains - allows connections from all
domains - allows connections from all
domains - allows connections from all
domains - allows connections from
all domains
...etc etc

So, is there any clear reason why the restriction is still in place?
Or any idea on when this policy will be reviewed?


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