Hello, I am developing a website (a.com) that will allow people to
connect their existing account (on a.com) to their Twitter account. My
site will use the Twitter API to scan peoples twitter friends looking
for friends already on my site (a.com) and some status updates will
occur. I am writing this in PHP.

What I am struggling with, is how I can save a users twitter
information so the user doesn't have to be logged into Twitter.com
each time my site needs to post a status update.

Like for example, Yelp.com I authorized Yelp.com to post to me feed,
now when I rate a business, I can post that review to Twitter
regardless of if they are logged into Twitter.com.

Or, like foursquare, when I checkin, I can tweet that checkin and it
will show up on my feed whether I am logged into Twitter.com or not.

Are these sites saving my actual login credentials, or is there a way
to save the oauth tokens in a database and just present them to the
API when I need to post a tweet or get a list of that users twitter

I hope this makes sense.

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