Why not just make a list with those 60 names on it and poll the list?

Well, unfortunately there is one problem with this. Twitter does not
include list member's replies to people not on the list, so this will
not guarantee getting all tweets. I strongly disagree with Twitter's
list model in this regard, but that's better discussed somewhere else.

On Oct 19, 8:03 pm, yaemog Dodigo <yae...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I don't know any other way
> > to get the statuses of approximately 60 users every minute when my app
> > is behind a firewall (preventing OAuth authentication for each
> > individual user).  So I use my app's access token/secret to get my
> > friends (and their most recent status).
> This sounds like it should be trivially be done with the streaming api.
> cheers

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