Hello Twitter API team.

To get replies to specific tweets, I've been building on the
related_results API method that was announced by Matt nearly a month
ago. I'm seeing a mixed bag of results, including:
* "Rate limit excedeed" for this one method, after just one or two
* NOT getting replies at all when I do get results
* Maximum six tweets in results.
* Inconsistent results from the same call when called back-to-back

As far as I can tell this method has been broken for at least a week.

Would love to have some guidance as to when we can expect consistent
results from this particular API call... I understand you need data
from the real world to help tune these methods, but for those of us
who are developing applications on top of these new methods, is there
any way around the chaos? Getting "rate limit exceeded", and seeing
'abData->experiment_key' in the results, makes me think there may be a
way to get an account white-listed for the "good" results to this

At very least, can you let us know when we can expect extended periods
of consistent, "correct" behavior from related_tweets, so I can
(re)set expectations w/ my clientele?


- Waldron Faulkner

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