I am having issue with gaining access to twitter to obtain the
necessary information to use within my website. I checked and
rechecked my details  within my application and on my twitter
application site and all are exactly as they should be. I proceed with
the steps as instructed and each time I get a 401 error. I am using
VB.net and the Twitterizer library. Below is my vb.net code on the
page load when the user is return back to my site.

           RequestToken =
            verifier =

            Dim accessToken As New OAuthTokenResponse


                accessToken =
AppSettings("TConsumerSecret").ToString, requesttoken, verifier)

            Catch ex As TwitterizerException

                Dim sqlex As String = ex.Message.ToString
                EnterintoSQLerrorTable(sqlex, "Twitter")

            End Try

            Twebsite = TUserData.Website.ToString
            Tusername = TUserData.ScreenName.ToString()
            Tfullname = TUserData.Name.ToString()
            Tbio = TUserData.Description.ToString()
            TprofileImage = TUserData.ProfileImageLocation.ToString
            TuserID = TUserData.Id.ToString

Any insight from more experience programmers would be helpful. Thank

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