> Isn't the point of having versioned API's so changes can be rolled out w/o
> breaking a much of applications at once?

YES!  1000 times YES! This is exactly correct.  We need to use the
restful API correctly.

> Why not increment to version 2 and replace all ID's as strings in the JSON
> format? Keep version 1 around for a few months

Or 24 days after SnowFlake, or foreverish... since anyone still using
it isn't using an "affected" parser (e.g. one in a conformant

> allowing everyone to upgrade and then kill it off. This can also give
> twitter a chance to make any other breaking changes.

Like, you know, revisioning the search.twitter.com API endpoints start
giving us _real_ TweetIDs, Tweep UserIDs, etc... you know, maybe
giving us complete details like the rest of the API.  I can dream,


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