> > I'm trying to use Net::Twitter::Lite OAuth.
> >
> > which produces:
> > Authorize this app athttp://twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=
> > and enter the PIN#
> > notice that the oauth_token in the url is empty!!

> You should be able to run examples/oauth_desktop.pl (included in the
> Net::Twitter::OAuth distribution) directly.  If that works, compare it
> to the code you're running.

Thanks for the pointer Marc. The oauth_desktop.pl script failed in the
same way so I figured the problem was install related.  I ended up
firing up a new vanilla VM instance and reinstalling
Net::Twitter::Lite; everything works perfectly as documented this

There must have been a transient problem during the installation of
one of the dependencies on the first system - nothing to do with
Net::Twitter::Lite which seems to be working perfectly.


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