I'm cto for stickphone.me and lyricsmood.me, oauth based twitter apps.

Many users told us that they just don't use our oauth sign in service,
since it seems to them to be unsafe with this kind of sign in (single
sign-on from oauth client site)

This is not a design problem I guess, but a people misunderstanding
problem, about the authorization protocol (going away from people like
developers, engineers, etc, who really knows what oAuth is about?),
even if we tried to explain this process as well in our sites tos.

I was wondering if you @twitter have any idea in the future to
certificate an app in order this app to be "verified" by twitter (in
the same way some accounts are).

In this ways app users would not be scared when clickin on "Sign in to
Twitter" buttons.

Of course using Twitter's button styles would be a better experience
for the user in order to trust the thirdy-party service, but this is
not possibile in all cases.

Loreto Parisi
CTO at stickphone, lyricsmood

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