We've completed an upgrade to the stream.twitter.com cluster this afternoon.
Additional bandwidth and servers are now in production. This additional
capacity should help throughput on certain distant high-volume clients
during peak periods. Most other stream.twitter.com clients will not notice a
difference in throughput.

We also just moved the Site Streams beta onto a larger cluster. Demand has
grown significantly over the last few days, and this move will provide
headroom and improve stability. Information about the Site Streams beta is
here: http://dev.twitter.com/pages/site_streams.

The User Streams endpoint is unaffected by these changes.

If your streaming client has outbound firewall rules, ignores DNS TTL, or
otherwise aggressively caches DNS entries, you may wish to restart, as we're
going to decommission at least one virtual ip address that we've retired
from rotation.

-John Kalucki
Twitter, Inc.

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