I run a twitter account that posts deals for video games. Our
followers often tweet us asking for the best price a game is available
for, and we've found a way to automatically recognise when we're
asking us for a price, to fetch that low price from our servers, and
send it to the user along with a link to our website. (That link
provides the user with more information about the game, as well as
prices from other retailers.)

A typical exchange would be like this:

User: @ouraccount hi, can you find me the cheapest price for halo
Us: @theiraccount Halo Reach (360) is available for $39.99 from
GameStop <link to our site>

As far as I can tell from the twitter automation rules, this is
acceptable automation because:
1) It's solicited by the user, we only reply to that one user when
they specifically ask us for a price.
2) We're providing a link to an information page about the game on our
web site, not an affiliate link.

That said, we want to make 100% sure that we're not breaking any rules
by doing this. Any feedback would be much appreciated. :-)

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