Tweets are very much time-bound, especially when using a location. You'd
have to select a certain time limit, like one hour. You would then get
all tweets within 2000 meters (for example) of the location, for that
one hour. Loop through the tweets and select the nearest five. If there
are too many results for the 2000 meters, you could lower it to 200
meters, although that would give less results for lower populated areas.


On 11/1/10 12:00 AM, Ascended Master Dinesh wrote:
> Hi there,
> Forgive me for intruding on this space. :)
> But.. I'm looking for a very specific answer on Twitter API - as I
> help someone integrate Twitter on to their mobile apps.
> My question is:
> What is the exact query(syntax) to find the NEAREST 5 Tweets, given
> the longitude and latitude or a location ??
> Any one out there can help me, and I'd Deeply Appreciate it.
> THANKS in advance!
> Peace
> Dinesh

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