I have learned that I can safely compare 2 long integer strings without any problem. Is comparing Snowflake direct message id's in the manner described safe?

On 11/1/10 11:29 AM, Jim Cortez wrote:
Hello all,
I have an non-browser xAuth client written in Javascript. I am in the process of changing up the codebase to use id_str in anticipation of Snowflake. One popular design decision we have made is to interleave sent and received direct messages into one unified list. Currently, we sort by message ID to figure out which message comes before the other. Since JS cannot parse the new 64bit integers, we can no longer do this. The only way I see to do this under Snowflake is to sort based on created_at, is that a valid approach? Is there a better way to approach this problem?
Thank you,
Jim Cortez

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