Let's assume Twitter is all the rage and suddenly, 250,000 people are
following Twitter API's every breath.

Let's also assume that this surge of people have never worked at
Twitter, and thus, are not privy to the internal policies that craft
API direction.

In fact, let's take it a step further and assume that a good 80% of
them are entry-level coders who like the Internet and want to give
back.  They are good, eager, hard-working developers who only want to
help you help them help you.  Helpingly.

In this scenario, where would one of the 80% find a comprehensie A to
Z tutorial explaining how to get started using Site Streams?  The
tutorial should be the following:

- It should assume everyone starts at Step Zero.  (Meaning, it should
assume the programmer has no knowledge of any proprietary Twitter
- It should not be written in high-level, agnostic project manager/VP
- It should contain copious code examples of fundamental steps
required to get started without suggesting the usage of all-in-one
- The tutorial should not be a disjointed mishmosh of documents
floating around the Intrablarg.  It should be a continuos, context-
laden document explaining everything as if causality was still a
guiding law of Physics.

Does such a document exist?

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