Good points. The order is not random - it's the same each time - just
baffling and useless.

Perhaps we are meant to delete read messages?  A useful 3rd party app
might archive and delete them, leaving only new messages on Twitter
and helping to resolve the "rogue app reading dms" issue.

On Nov 5, 1:18 am, Jef Poskanzer <> wrote:
> The #newtwitter direct message UI sucks.
> - There's no indication on the main UI that you have an unread
> message.  If you miss the email notification you will never notice the
> message.
> - On the DM page, there's no indication of which conversations have
> unread messages, or even the most recent messages.  The conversations
> are presented in random order.
> - When a conversation is displayed, again there is no indication of
> which messages are unread or which is the most recent.  Again they are
> displayed in random order.
> So.  Are there plans to improve it?  Has anyone written their own
> improved version?  Anyone want to collaborate on writing one?
> ---
> Jef

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