cool, that seems to have worked.

Just that it's a funny character to work with: ۔ - try and
you'll see

Anyway it probably defeats the URL parsing.

On Nov 5, 5:11 pm, "Ken D." <> wrote:
> ۔
> the above Unicode character is the closest I could find to a dot,
> without being a dot...
> On Nov 5, 11:15 am, Damien <> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I am in need of developing a JS manner of making a tweeter post that
> > is slightly different from what Twitter already offers (I mean the
> > Tweet button).
> > THe post I need to make comes under this form:
> > "Please visit AAAAA.BBB using <very long URL here>"
> > If I use the Tweet button, the very long URL is shortened (ok) but the
> > company name which is close to an URL form is also rewritened as a
> > short URL (wrong). I need to have the company name left alone somehow,
> > yet keeping the current form AAAAA.BBB in plain text (or as a URL, but
> > not shortened) as well as the shortened long URL.
> > Is there a way to tell twitter to not forcibly shorten an URL that's
> > not in full URL format? Or at least mark the first one to be skipped
> > from shortening? (I could do this if I would manually shorten the long
> > URL, but I cannot do that in my production system, I still need
> > Twitter to handle that).
> > I need a JS-only solution and until now nothing I tried works.
> > Thanks!

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