I'm using Oauth implementation for Delphi by Chuckbeasley

If it was just on POST I could see that.
But with GET on a Direct_messages and Favorites,they act differently
and they both require authentication according to the api's that is
odd to me.

Is there something in regards to this being a desktop client that I'm
using an Embedded browser in that causes this.  Can  Twitter tell
I've noticed for example I don't get an oauth_verifier back from the
callback in this app where I do in a web app.

It's infuriating to be close to having this working to be thwarted by
"Could not authenticate you"

On Nov 8, 1:43 am, udta <477914...@163.com> wrote:
> No code, No answer....
> What is the lib you are using?
> Maybe the post body's urlencoding is wrong.
> Maybe you will meet the same problem when friendship create...
> At 2010-11-08 13:20:13´╝îDavidD <ddudl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >Also Favorites works fine.  No errors.   I'm not sure why this works
> >and direct_messages doesn't, nor will destroy on a status id
> >I really am at a loss here.   Can no one give me a pointer as to my
> >problem?
> >Are there any issues with these api's?
> >David
> >On Nov 6, 5:39 pm, DavidD <ddudl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I am getting an 401 Unauthorized with an "Incorrect Signature" or
> >> "Could not authenticate" error when trying to get Direct Messages
> >> after getting an access token
> >> I can get a user_timeline no problem and I believe favorites but the
> >> Direct Messages and home_timeline I get an error.
> >> I also have a 401 when I try and delete a tweet from the user
> >> timeline.
> >> I am stuck and need help.
> >> Thanks!
> >> David
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