Hi Developers,

We will end support for XML on all Streaming APIs on Dec 6th, 2010, after
encouraging developers to use JSON-based output formats for some time now.
This deprecation does not apply to the REST or Search APIs, but all clients
requesting XML from stream.twitter.com, regardless of role and method
(sample, filter, follow, etc) will be affected.

If you're currently connecting to an XML-based Twitter Streaming API
endpoint, you'll need to migrate your code to consume JSON by Monday
December 6th, 2010 (approximately four weeks from now). According to our
records, only a very small number of developers are consuming XML via
streams today.

Now would be a good time for streaming clients to verify that they are using
JSON. If you're still using XML, please migrate to JSON as soon as possible.
User/Site Streams implementations should already be JSON-only.

As a reminder, we encourage using OAuth to connect to the Streaming API --
basic authentication, while supported today on stream.twitter.com, will also
be deprecated at a future date.

Please respond with any questions or concerns.

Taylor Singletary

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