"Add Location to your tweets" does not actually add a location - good
point, and you are probably not the first to think so. It only enables
your account to accept location information. It is still up to you to
send the geo data.

On Nov 9, 12:23 pm, "Andrew Cross. Gna" <success....@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am succeeded in integrating the twitter with my web application and
> access the twitter futures.
> Now, I need your help to get the following in the list of my statuses.
>   <geo />
>   <coordinates />
>   <place />
> at the below of the user tags of the tweet status list.
> I have enabled the "Tweet Location" "Add Location to your tweets"
> checked to "TRUE".
> May I know, do I need to make any other settings to be set in order to
> get the elements filled with the right information.
> Thanking You
> Regards,
> Gna Andrew Cross

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