I hope someone can help me with the following:

Looking at the JSON message structure for (for example) the
home_timeline (http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/statuses/home_timeline)
I notice that a lot of JSON fields in the example message are 'null'.
When developing my app I am very interested in knowing exactly what
kind of data I can expect when processing a Twitter JSON message.

For example the coordinates field can be null like:
"coordinates": null
as mentioned in the home_timeline example and also in twitter messages
I’ve processed in my development project so  far.

I do notice that this field can also like:
telling me that I need to create an array in my code to supported the
coordinates when provided.

My question is: where can I find the complete Twitter JSON message
structure with all the fields included that my app needs to be able to
interpret and process? Now I’m running a trial and error process to
identify this.

Also using the Twitter API Console (http://dev.twitter.com/console)
only gives JSON messages with the applicable JSON data filled in.

Thanks for your help!

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