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> Hi, I am new to twitter  and one of my clients has requested that he
> would like to stream his tweets on his own website, is this possible?
> Can anyone point me in the correct direction?
> I only know html coding for information.

     I'm a bit new at working with the twitter API, but I think I can
nudge you in the right direction.

     "Streaming" means something particular in the twitter API world;
there's a "streaming API" that lets you keep a connection open and
tweets in realtime.  However, that requires some significant
and I suspect you don't really mean, or need, that kind of streaming.

     It's simpler to just use either a bit of php on the server, or a
bit of javascript in in the page, to request the user's tweets from
twitter and display them in the page.  Here are two examples that came
up when I googled on: twitter tweets javascript



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