I'm building a site that integrates with a single Twitter application
from a series of sub domains under the same main domain.

In the past I've only ever used a single domain, so never bothered
with oauth_callback, but I saw it mentioned when I registered the
application and figured it was exactly what I need, however I
struggled to implement it for a while.

After much trial and error, I did further research and seems the
oauth_callback parameter is to be sent with the REQUEST, not with

If you refer to this documentation on getting a Twitter request token,
oauth_callback is NOT listed as an allowable parameter.


Confusingly oauth_callback IS mentioned here on the authorize step,
despite it's seeming irrelevance here?


This was where I was misled, although it's not clear at all, I
interpreted this as meaning the oauth_callback should be sent with the
authorisation step.

I've now successfully implemented what I want by passing the
oauth_callback with the request step - seems like an easy fix to
clarify this in the documentation, it appears to be supported and
mentioned in several places, just not clearly documented.



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