Hello All,

This is a related question to my previos post.

As I described in my previous post, I'm developing a Facebook App that
will award micro-currency if the logged in user "follows" our focus
user on Twitter.

I've got the "Follow" button and the connect @Anywhere wired up to
allow the user to connect to Twitter and follow our focus user.  We
can then retrive the logged on user's Twitter screen name the next
time the page is refreshed.

I really need to add a hook into the "User is now following" event, or
at least add an onclick handler to the "Follow Button"  so that I can
execute a function that awards the microcurrency after the logged in
user successfully follows our target user.

I know the callback logic exists in Twitter as the Follow Button
obviously performs some sort of callback to update the button text
from "Follow XXXX" to "You are now following XXXX".

Has anyone done anything like this before?  Is it possible with the
API or dom trickery?



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