If I understand you correctly, you want to build in some sort of
interface into your site to allow users to Tweet from it under their
own accounts. You would use oAuth to set up the credentials.
Establishing these credentials would not count towards the rate limit
as it is done through the Twitter site anyway. Each Tweet sent from
your site would count towards the hourly limit for each account. If
you suddenly had a huge number of users Tweeting from your IP, you
might run into problems. If that were to happen, you could apply to
get your IP "whitelisted". However, the Twitter folk won't consider
you for whitelisting until your application is up and running and in
production. You would also have to prove a demonstrable need. (ie, if
you think you will have a huge number of users, that probably won't
do. If you can show you have a huge number of users, it might do ...
but no guarantees!)

On Nov 16, 3:29 pm, Ganesh Peria <periagan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
>  Need some more clarification.
> My web application enable user to tweet in their twitter accounts. A
> user can tweet after he is logged in and authorizes my app. So asking
> login credentials and autorizing my application requires some api
> calls. Will these be counted under rate limiting?
> On Nov 16, 7:25 pm, Red_Eyes <millerdotp...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> > You can make a call to search, for example, both authenticated and
> > unauthenticated. Search uses a different rate limiting system to most
> > other API calls. You have your assumption the wrong way round, though.
> > When you are authenticated, generally you will get around 350 API
> > calls per hour allowed. When you are unauthenticated, you will get 150
> > per hour. Be aware, though, 2 people on the same IP performing an
> > unauthentiacted API call will share the same pool of 150 hits. 2
> > people on the same IP but each authenticated will get roughly 350 hits
> > each. Be aware, though, on peak demands, Twitter can lower the amount
> > of hits dynamically. Also note, if you use multiple accounts to try
> > and circumvent the rate limits, the chances are you will get spotted
> > and blocked!
> > Red
> > On Nov 16, 1:31 pm, Ganesh Peria <periagan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >    Im new to Twitter API. while reading the rate limiting faq, it is
> > > said that authenticated api calls are counted under IP address and
> > > unauthenticated api calls are counted under the logged in user.
> > >   My question is what is authenticated call and an unauthenticated
> > > call.
> > >   My assumption is this: In the api documentation if it says "Requires
> > > Authentication =true" then is an authenticated call otherwise an
> > > unauthenticated call. Am I right?- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

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