Hello, everyone.

This is Kelly Park from GameSpring, Co. Ltd, Korea.
We are developing twitter application for iPhone.

But recently, we're experiencing extremely late response from twitter
server frequently.

When we try to search by username or when we try to view the timeline
and so on.
However the weird thing is that when we test the same function in
twitbird or twitter application, it responses fast.

I'd like to know the reason why there is a severe delay.
I don't think there is any problem in our application because we just
follow the API manual and the exact instruction.
Is there any different channel among the twitter application?

Can you please check the response time of our application?
Or please give us any idea how to improve the response time between
our application and your server.

In addition, I know there is a page for twit status : http://status.twitter.com
But I'd like to know if we can get an information regarding the
twitter server status via API.
So that we could display this one thru graph.

Thank you very much.

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