Would someone at Twitter.com please provide an answer to these

On Nov 9, 9:44 am, kprobe <goo...@kprobe.com> wrote:
> It would be nice to have these features for short links.
> 1. ability to use just t.co/shorturl or x.co/shorturl or bit.ly/
> shorturl WITHOUT requiring www. or http:// prefix
> 2. add a mouse hover over the short to show the real destination of
> the short link.
> Please note that when New Twitter arrived,  x.co/xyz was automatically
> detected as a URL link for two weeks but abruptly stopped working,
> forcing use of http:// or www. prefix to be prepended again.
> Short links, especially vanity links look so much better without the
> web prefix.
> Thanks
> Mark

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