Hi - I work at Qwest Communications and all access to the public
internet for our 40K + employees goes through a small number of proxy
servers.  So when attempting to access rate-limited resources, we are
already at our limit most of the time.  As part of our website I'm
trying to include a rate-limited resource(RSS) for one of our lists,
and in the past several days I've only been able to successfully
access the RSS about 3 times.  For performance reasons - we'd prefer
to cache our RSS server side rather than connecting client side (where
rate limiting would likely not apply for external clients).  Is there
anyway I can get our whole company whitelisted for a much larger
request limit?
You may think we can use a non rate limited resource like the filter
api or something for my specific needs - but that still leaves us the
problem that we cannot access our own RSS or any other RSS from
anywhere inside the Qwest Intranet without a HTTP400 95% of the time.

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