I need a small help to get the count of tweets for a given
location(lat,log, radius) within a specific hour range of day using
twitter search API or stream API.

I realized that search API doesn't support to get *all* the tweets for
a given location(*all* means at least 99% accurate result). It limits
the result up to 1500 max. But stream API support to get *all* the
tweets for a given location. but I heard that in Stream API when
reference to the location, it'll ONLY return geo-tagged tweets which
is very small amount(<1% - because most of the tweets are not geo-

For an example what I need to do is count the number of tweets, at a
given location(lat,log, radius), between 10 and 11pm on Tuesday in
every week. Can you help me to do this above mention task using any of
these APIs. (prefer to do this in php. steps to do this task is also
enough. then I can implement it using php)

Really appreciate your help...

Best Regards,

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