Hi folks,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Max, founder of Qwerly (http://
qwerly.com/). Qwerly lets you find a person's other social network
profiles using their Twitter username as a query. So @maxniederhofer
resolves to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Plancast and so on (see
here: http://qwerly.com/max).

We've just launched our API (http://dev.qwerly.com/, documentation:
http://dev.qwerly.com/docs) and I thought it might be useful for some
of you to complement your user profiles or user data analysis.

A few notes: no, we're not based on Rapleaf. This is something we've
developed ourselves. We're very conscious that we only want to use
public identifiers (e.g. not email) and only display data that is
public on the web. We do not want to mix user ID data with cookie
data, so we disallow passing on our data to data brokers/exchanges
(Bluekai, eXelate) or ad networks. Our API is free for non-commercial
use (pre-funding startups, not-for-profit web apps, commercial

I'd love for some of you to check it out & comment. Happy to answer
any questions.

Max Niederhofer

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