The docs recommended I contact Twitter about something like this, so
here goes.

I'm working on a personal project the goal of which is to provide a
variety of different views of results for user input search terms,
using the Twitter streaming API, specifically filter.json. From what
I've seen it looks like connections are limited to one per user.

It seems like I've got to force a user visiting my site to either
input their Twitter username and password, or log in to Twitter
through my site and get an OAuth token. The total impact on Twitter's
servers would be the same if I could just make the connections using a
single unchanging piece of authorization information. (well, nearly
the same, some users who would have left might stay instead)  I would
like to do this.

Am I mistaken? Or is it easy to get limited special permissions like
this? If I can't get them now, would I have better luck when I've got
a functional, useful version of the site?


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