I see posts from several months ago, so I thought I ask again

I need to regularly extract and process a users favorites and as noted
in that previous link they appear to be stored by date of Tweet ID,
which means to be fairly sure you get all the tweets you need to page
through all of them ( a user could although admittedly unlikely,
favourite a tweet that was older than last time you checked them).

I note that the count parameter e.g. count=200 works but is
undocumented which is helpful (that it works) - in one use case we
have a user with over 1,500 favourites.

It would be great to have this under-utilised feature in Twitter get a
bit of API love and be modernised some more.  I can achieve what I
want by caching on my end, but it means I have to hit Twitter to fetch
data I already have which isn't ideal - you don't want more API calls
I don't want to take the time fetching data I almost certainly already
have for the one in 100 chance it's changed.

The documentation here is also a bit sketchy - for example, is there a
page limit like with other calls? http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/favorites
If so, it would be great to have it documented here.

Thanks - I guess I'm just highlighting that there's at least one
developer who's still interested in seeing the favourites updated, and
I'm optimistically wondering if Twitter can provide any comment on
where it's at in the planning.

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