I'd really like to make my own site stream library. Ive been white
listed for the site stream and have been using the origional stream
for a long time now.
My issue is that I cannot get any response from connection besides 401
Unauthorized. Based on that I assume the following to be true: I have
access because I am no longer getting the "role not defined for user"
message, or however it was worded. Based on that I also assume I am
using the wrong connection params for providing my oAuth credentials
or I am giving the wrong oAuth credentials. Or maybe I am using the
right credentials but with the wrong param names. Ive tried:
oauth_token_key/oauth_token_secret, oauth_key/oauth_secret, access_key/
access_secret,  access_token_key/access_token_secret, consumer_key/
consumer_secret, consumer_token_key/consumer_token_secret
Ive tried all of the combinations as GET and as POST.
All of which have given a 401 Unauthorized. Which leaves me here:
stuck and looking for help. :)

On Nov 25, 12:05 am, Nancy Neira <n143dra...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Jay
> You looking for code patch or the actual code to do streaming?
> Nancy
> > Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 23:53:21 -0500
> > Subject: [twitter-dev] Help Getting Started with Site Streams
> > From: jay...@gmail.com
> > To: twitter-development-talk@googlegroups.com
> > I am trying to get started with the Site Streams. However, I am having
> > a hard time finding the documentation for getting the stream started.
> > Anyone know where I can find this info or able to provide it?
> > I think I just need to know the names of the params, I can probably
> > figure out the rest. Thanks
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> > Twitter developer documentation and resources:http://dev.twitter.com/doc
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Twitter developer documentation and resources: http://dev.twitter.com/doc
API updates via Twitter: http://twitter.com/twitterapi
Issues/Enhancements Tracker: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/list
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