thanks that was very helpful i just have 2 more questions:

1. im now using "
geocode=37.781157,-122.398720,1mi" if u want to extend my search to
the whole world i cant do this within this code  can i? (because there
is only a limited distance you can extend in miles)

2 . it seems that i am also getting limited on how many times i can
run this quiry, because i need a constant flow of data, and if i am
correct (which i probably not) it limits me to 150 quirys an hour. how
do i change this?

On Nov 20, 5:34 am, "L. Mohan Arun" <> wrote:
> Your 
> URL:,36....
> Did you add a ? after the word json and before locations...
> When I input this url in my browser it starts reading the json
> stream.
> Try it in your browser
> Ref:
> If you are not intending to track
> real time tweets on a map then you may want to use the Search API and
> not streaming.
> See "The Streaming API is distinct from the two REST APIs as Streaming
> supports long-lived connections on a different architecture." I think
> using Search API will be easier for you than Streaming because the
> connection is more or less permanent with streaming and you need to
> have code for handling continuous streaming.
> Try 
> this,-122.398720,1mi
> This is from Search API.
> You can use the latitude, longitude and radius parameters as specified
> in the Search API.
> To use the geocode parameter you neeed convert the lat/lon value to
> geocode
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