Hi All,

I am trying to develop a platform where I can allow people to login &
add multiple twitter accounts. They will be able to post tweets, view
posted tweets, view tweet replies etc.

I came to know that Basic Authentication has been stopped for Twitter
API & so I am using oAuth to connect to Twitter.

I have registered my application in http://dev.twitter.com/apps & have
got the access token and access token secret. However, the way I see
it now, for every Twitter account that gets added to my application,
the user will have to generate the access token. This process is very
complicated & is not user-friendly.

I am requesting you to please let me know how can I find a solution
for the same where I can automatically get the access token for all
the twitter accounts that gets added to my application. I have seen a
similar process in use here - http://mediafunnel.com/

Please help me with this. Your support & cooperation will be highly

Thanks in advance!!


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