I was under the impression that using 'follow' simply returns tweets
or retweets which were originally created by, or were in reply to, a
specific user - I'm interested in getting *any* tweet from all users
following this special user (sampled possibly).

For example, I could use it to see what people who follow @Microsoft
talk about, Microsoft related or not.

On Nov 29, 9:12 pm, "M. Edward (Ed) Borasky" <zn...@borasky-
research.net> wrote:
> Quoting Louis <louis...@gmail.com>:
> > I'd like to stream tweets from the set of users which follow a
> > specific user. Is there a way to do this directly, or a way to get a
> > list of such users, so I can then specify to filter tweets from them
> > only?
> It depends on how many followers the user has. Up to 5000, you can do  
> it with the "follow" parameter either on the "filter" Streaming  
> endpoint or on User Streams. Over 5000, you will need to get "elevated  
> access" via Gnip.
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