I think I could not make myself clear!

My app already processes new tweets in a scheduled manner, and stores
the results in a database accordingly (using this API method:

I  don't get why would I use stream API and how it would help?

On Nov 30, 4:04 am, fbparis <fbou...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess you should use the stream api to get mentions in real time. No
> need to process it directly, you could code a simple client connected
> to the stream api which record new mention in database, then launch
> your script time to time and get the mentions via the database rather
> than via the twitter api.
> On Nov 30, 1:25 am, Serdar <ser...@guzelanket.com> wrote:
> > Hi I have just launched my first twitter application. Basically:
> > -People send a tweet that mentions @appName (authorizing not needed)
> > -App checks for new @appName mentions *from time to time*, and process
> > them.
> > There is a max mentions limit (200) that can be retrieved at a time
> > via API. I know I'm not hitting this limit soon with the app but I
> > want to code a scalable method fo get mentions.
> > Unfortunaltely we do not have the option to get mentions in the
> > 'oldest first' order.
> > This causes a little tricky code for getting mentions in chunks and
> > not missing older tweets. (Suppose you had 200+ mentions since last
> > check).
> > For testing I limit, 'max mentions to get at a time' to 10, in my code
> > and it seems to be working.
> > I won't go into more details...
> > -I would like to know if any of you have coded something similar?
> > -Would love to see an alternative, as I'm not happy with my code!
> > -Is there an API method I could use for this purpose, which would make
> > things easier?
> > Thanks,
> > Serdar.

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