> > > _Info: error:140D108E:SSL routines:TLS1_CHANGE_CIPHER_STATE:compression
> > > library error_
> >
> > This suggests a problem in your crypto library, or less likely zlib.
> I dont understand about crypto libray or less likely zlib...
> Could u please give a description for this. What do this for twitter ?

This is getting off-topic for this list, but in brief, this refers to your
cryptographic library which is being used to handle the encryption and
decryption to Twitter's SSL server. zlib refers to the specific compression
library your system likely uses (and you will note that this is referenced
in the error above). Many crypto libraries use zlib. You should make sure
that your cryptographic software, such as NSS or OpenSSL, passes all of its
built-in self-tests such as by running 'make test' in the source directory
for your crypto distro. If it doesn't work, SSL through libcurl won't either.

If you're still not sure what this is, you probably should be referring to
the libcurl documentation for more. libcurl can use either NSS or OpenSSL.

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