Why the approval is not but I don't know ㅜㅜ
continuous  refusal!!!!
Nothing answer back !!!!!
Did my application form go wrong?
help me!!

(Application Form)

This is company of Korea operating portal website name of
We offering news, video, blog, mail, game, p2p and search engine.

We are interested in your twitter service it means we prepare to use
that service from December of 2010.

We would like to display same keyword that result of tweets, ids, and
profile images from twitter when users searching some words.

This service has already provided by many websites of Korea (Naver,
Daum, Nate, etc.) and they permitted white list by twitter. Also we
are developing to provide that service such as other websites.

It is going to be updated as often as we can also we will save data
that Koreans wrote during the latest 3days.

To provide near real-time services, we are using the REST API, the
data is cached.
‘Oauth’ will be used for authentication, ‘twitter4J’ library is
expected to be used.
In this process we expect 3,000 requests per an hour the number of API
calls that means it will be exceed API Limit. In that reason, we want
to white list the IP address and to reduce collection cycle of

We expect that will be very important part of our new service, it’s
going to open December of this year.
Kind Regards,

The features in current use are as follows: Data for example.

1) Request for the all Korean users following information, & Their
twitts : friends_timeline(Real-time)
2) Request for the all Korean user IDs, status(image data, etc.) :

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