I should proof read sometimes. Here is a human readable version of my
previous post:

I am trying to develop a little something for myself, using the
@anywhere framework.

Everything was kind of working until yesterday.
Now, I can't connect my app to my account via the "Connect with
Twitter" button anymore.

When I took a look at ' https://oauth.twitter.com/2/authorize ' in
firebug, it appears than the page is requesting "base-lite.js" through
an ajax call (GET) and failing to do so, outputting a 403 error.

If I try continuing the process by clicking 'connect', all I get is a
message 'Sorry but something
went technically wrong'

My guess is, since I am using nothing but the default implementation
shown in the documentation, there is probably something wrong with the
@anywhere framework, or with my application being blocked by the API
without me knowing the reasons...

Does anyone have a clue about what's happening?

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