Hi All ,

I have developed Single Sign on using Twitter4j  Api "JAVA "( OAuth
2.0 framework ) & it's working fine. But I have one another use case
that I can't implement yet , please read following which i need same.
Consider Twitter User has already linked  his account with my Sample
Sinlge-Sign-On Web Application.

***I have saved UID ,token ,tokensecret in mysql database

   1->  User is already logged in Twitter from same browser or any
other browser.
   2 -> And if user open  website URL ( in which i have implemented
single sign on functionality ) he  should able to access my complete
Website (WebApplication) without asking his credential i.e he need not
to go through authentication phase.

How I can achieve this please help me.

Thanks & Regards

Ganesh Sonawane.....

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