I can't figure out if I need the API to accomplish this or just using
a generic user search and jQuery. My platform is PHP can someone give
me a brief roadmap how to accomplish the following tasks....

page 1 (a widget)
pull latest 5 tweets given a list of users
 --- this will never work because 50 tweets will happen before the
"last 5" ever get back but thats what the client wants
 --- this will display full name of the user
 --- this will display the date/time
 --- this will contain a link to view all from last 24 hours

page 2 (after clicking view all) - the last 24 hours of our users page
sorted newest first
Paginated @ 50 tweets per page

  UserOne says
   - tweet one

  UserTwo says
   - tweet one

  UserOne says
   - tweet two

  UserSeven says
   - tweet one

Do I need the API to accomplish this? Any thoughts ideas greatly

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