Does twitter have a Javascript SDK like facebook (http://

My goal is the following:
1. from a Flash application call javascript or otherwise that will
popup a login window > tweet window;
2. receive callbacks indicating success/fault;

The result of the callback will be used to award a user with points in
a game.

I have been able to easily implement this for facebook using the
facebook Javascript SDK.

What I like about the facebook solution is:
1. the display of the login/share is handled in a popup showing the
actual facebook login and  share options. I think this is a good thing
as it provides the visitor with more confidence the popup is
trusthworthy. Also the game is visible underneath the popup so the
user does not really leave the games flow.
2. the facebook Javascript SDK takes care of showing the popup and
returning callbacks, taking away work from me as a, Flash, developer
having to develop this system.

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