We use SSL on our site. Which is a known issue:

    "Whilst the Javascript version of the Tweet Button is not support
over SSL you can use the 'build-your-own Tweet Button' technique

Well, if I create a custom button that works for SSL, the URL I want
to pass along from the custom button looks like this once it's been
encoded for Twitter:


Above, you state: "One known issue right now is that %26 is converted
to & in #newtwitter so anything after it is ignored." Well, the last
part of my URL string (after "%26") is the part we need to display the
correct press release. And that's the part that's being ignored. Your
recommendation was to "consider using the Tweet Button instead of the
URL. It provides a better experience for your users and allows them to
Tweet without leaving your site."

Hmmm. So basically we are in a Catch-22.
Any idea when one or the other of these issues might be resolved?


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